Friday, November 27, 2015


For someone who's never really been in the southwest before, I was so pleasantly surprised by my short visit to Houston and Dallas. Okay, so granted this was just about 2 weeks ago so it wasn't in the middle of summer. Even though, Houston was still pretty humid and Dallas was still quite warm.

What I was most surprised with was how nice everybody was! From the moment I landed until I took off again, I thought everyone was so helpful all around. Unfortunately when I arrived in Houston, it was already pretty late so I wasn't able to really get to check out the area or the city. The only place I visited was Texas Children's Hospital and I was absolutely blown away by the insanity of this facility. First of all, it is HUGE!!! Texas Children's is the largest children's hospital in the United States with over 600 beds.....all for only kids!

A giant tower with over 20 floors!!

Nighttime view. So colorful!
A tiny slice of Texas Medical Center in Houston. The Medical Center is the largest one in the world with 21 hospitals packed in a small area! These hospitals are affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine, University of Texas Houston, Texas A&M College of Medicine, and University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

At the end of my day at Texas Children's, we were played a short YouTube clip made by the camera crew at TCH showing the fight of the children as they battled various diseases and disabilities. It brought a few tears to my eye and some of my peers were just short of sobbing by the time the clip finished! The song was to Rachel Plattens - Fight Song

After my visit here, I flew straight out of Houston and into Dallas, a city that I've been wanting to visit so badly since I was 12. Why? Because, the Dallas Mavericks. I drove by American Airlines Center and nearly had a heart attack since the Mavs were playing a game that night and I was literally right next door. Also, the most prettiest arena EVERRRR. Once more, blown away. I fell in love with the city even though I mostly only saw downtown and even then, only specific parts of it. Plus: the hotel had free happy hour AND (the most important part) free milk + cookies at night. I'm in love.

What is it about Texas that everything has to be so big? Children's Medical Center of Dallas is the 6th largest pediatric hospital but when I saw it, it was monstrous! Humongo! It towered over everything else in the area and at night, with its bright lights, it was so visually stunning. The super adorable balloon logo is perhaps the cutest children's hospital logo I've seen yet.

Nighttime Children's
This building is practically a giant looming fortress!
One of the coolest backgrounds ever. The GIANT eye housed in downtown Dallas!

After having the lucky opportunity to tour both of these major hospitals, I found myself once again so happy to be going into Pediatrics. Do adult hospitals ever get to look this amazing? Are adult hospitals decorated with colorful walls and pictures along the hallways? I'm just going to say no.

And there you have it, yet another reason to go into Peds :)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Brief Trip

Recently, I finally finished my last exam of medical school!....and hopefully I will pass....

Still, it's a pretty good feeling knowing I survived it. This last exam was Step 2 Clinical Skills and for that I traveled down to LA to take it. While I was in LA, I got to meet up with a couple of friends from school and catch up with them.

It's always my goal to spot Staples Center when I fly over Los Angeles...and there it is!
Stopped by Manhattan Beach for a quick brunch
Annika!! One of my med school besties. We think alike :)
Poolside last minute cramming

Two of the funniest guys, Jason and Pejman. Thank you for all the laughs! It was much needed.
Candid. Thanks Pejman!
Right after, I headed back to Chicago for a couple of days and was luckily able to have some time to walk around, catch the pretty Chicago scenery, the last of good weather, and see some more friends!
Seriously one of the coolest nighttime city views ever. It feels like it goes on forever.

How did I just discover this little fountain ball randomly in Streeterville?

Post-interview snap with Wes! Lucky to run into him.

Fall doesn't last long in Chicago but when it's here, it's beautiful.

SO happy to see my 3 year roomie Caroline :) This girl is quite amazing.

Caro and I opted for some delicious tri-colored Italian gnocchi for dinner in Lincoln Park. EXCELLENT choice.

Also found another cute stretch of small fountains.

My sister and I stopped by Nando's Peri-Peri in West Loop. Such a yummy South African & Portuguese lunch! 

Halloween just passed but Michigan Ave. was still decorated with these white pumpkins, orange flowers, and black roses.