Friday, December 11, 2015

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It sounds crazy but in the middle of interview season, I took a trip to Puerto Vallarta for my best friend Ingrid's bachelorette party! SO worth it. I'm so glad she had the mind to put her fist down and say "We're going to Mexico!!!" Also, so happy that Amy could haggle out a GREAT all-inclusive resort deal for the group. I have the best and smartest friends! We stayed at the most gorgeous resort called Garza Blanca and despite it being a bit farther out from the city and touristy area of Puerto Vallarta, it was by far the best decision of the weekend. I have nothing but wonderful memories of the resort, from the amazing people who worked there and catered to our every needs, to the beautiful views not only from our super duper suite but also from virtually anywhere in the resort (gym included).

The bride to be!! As of today, only 17 days before she becomes a Mrs!!!!!

It's honestly pretty hard to beat this view of the infinity pool, the beach, and the Pacific Ocean from our 10th floor hotel balcony right around sunset. 
The first of our delicious dinners - this is duck with red beets paired with an arugula salad.
So ethereal. After dinner we came for a nighttime lounge at the rooftop infinity pool which overlooks the resort and into the vast expanses of the ocean.
Long time friends lounging by the pool :)

In the lobby there was a giant chess set with a giant king piece!!
With Amy's persuasion, we left the comfort of our resort and traveled into downtown Puerto Vallarta via the hottest bus that I've ever ridden in my life. I mean, sweat was just pouring down my face in the muggy, humid 90 degree weather! 
An early afternoon lounge at the infinity pool next to the beach and ocean. This was one of the most relaxing activities of the weekend.

I love this photo. Ingrid and her bridesmaids!!
This dinner was one to never forget. I might've eaten the most I've ever eaten at the steakhouse. I ordered a rib-eye steak with a side of delicious sweet potatoes. Not pictured are the seven other dishes I also ordered!
A semi-formal dinner outing at the steakhouse...
...which culminated in DESSERT TREES. Yes, a dessert tree (though in all seriousness, most of the selections were somewhat tasteless or tasted like plastic...)
This was taken during our last morning at the beach. Coconut trees, a mild breeze, the sand and ocean. Oh how I never wanted to leave Garza Blanca.
Nothing but lots of love for this amazing friend of mine. Every time we talk, I learn something new from her!
What is going on here!

Also another favorite picture. Saying goodbye to the weekend of fun!
Puerto Vallarta was truly a weekend of relaxing fun. I'm so glad we were able to go and so happy that Ingrid somehow master-planned this trip by herself. It'll be pretty hard to top this one. After all the lounging and eating, we had to sadly leave Mexico and return to our every day lives...which meant returning back on the fourth year interview trail for me!