Monday, June 15, 2015

Patient Interactions

There are some patients who I really enjoy speaking to. These are generally the ones who are nice to me or those who are funny and make my laugh. Today, there was a man who had a conversation with me as I helped change his dressings on his chronic foot ulcers. It went something like this:

Patient: You're a doctor right? You're not a nurse right?

Me: I'm a medical student. I'll be a doctor in one year.

Patient: Ohhhhh I know what those are. I used to watch ER all the time.

Me: Oh did you really? I watch ER too.

Patient: Yeaaa so you're like one of them residents right?

Me: Well....nevermind.

A couple of reasons why I liked this man. 1) He thought I was a doctor 2) He watched ER 3) Then he thought I was a resident 4) He made me chuckle on my final shift of Emergency Medicine - ALSO my final work day of M3 year.

That's it!! M4 year here I come!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Near Completion of M3 Year

M3 year - the first year in medical school that focuses solely on clinical practices after two very long years of lectures and powerpoints. Don't get me wrong, we still hit the books like crazy even after a long and exhausting 10+ hour shift at work, but there's something about M3 year that makes a medical student finally feel like they're becoming a doctor.

As much as I loved this year, I also cannot wait for it to be over. My little heart is bouncing, bubbling, and tumbling inside thinking about pushing through these last two weeks in Emergency Medicine. Maybe it's the endless days of waking up at the crack of dawn, only to drive to work before most people wake up, or the days that I'm heading towards my car at 9pm to drive to an overnight shift...take this morning for instance - I trudged up three flights of stairs after leaving my apartment at 9:30pm for a night shift. 10 hours later, I'm sitting here blogging instead of sleeping. Why? Because another shift awaits me in less than 24 hours. Yes, that is how M3 year works.

You operate on adrenaline and then you crash in an instant the minute you get a break that's longer than a day and a half. 

I think I'm ready to relax just a little bit...well, until I start hitting the books full time for The Boards Part II. 

I'm exhausted.