Monday, May 2, 2016

Roaming Around Pingtung Part 1

Pingtung County is a place where I have so many memories. It's a place where I spent many months while growing up. Pingtung is located in southern Taiwan and encompasses the southern tip of the country. In recent years it's become much more of a tourist attraction not only because of the Kenting Area but also because people are now finally realizing the amazing views and scenery that Pingtung has to offer with its beautiful hills and luscious green mountains. I've been fortunate enough to travel around Pingtung a lot ever since I was young because of how familiar my cousins and family are with the region. On top if of all, I've been super lucky to eat all the great food from Pingtung and enjoy how cheap everything is here compared to the country's capital of Taipei where prices are now often inflated 2-3 times.

Egg crepe with corn 玉米蛋餅 - This is pretty much my go to Taiwanese breakfast. It's so simple to make but for some reason, you just can't buy and make it as well in the United States. The crepe is crispy on the outside and so chewy!  
Welcoming 2016 at Pingtung City Zhongshan Park 屏東市中山公園
For lunch, we drove up Sandimen Mountain 三地門 and ate at Ju Gao Restaurant 巨高風味餐廳. The restaurant is located at the highest peak of the mountain and everyone eats outdoors so that you can enjoy the green scenery while eating. Today was pretty hazy so we weren't able to see very far!

One of my favorite dishes at the restaurant is called 五更腸旺 Wu Geng Chang Wang. The sauce is made from a combination of garlic, chilies, ginger, pickled cabbage and probably a bunch of other things and the main ingredients are actually large intestine and duck blood. It understandably sounds crazy but it's super delicious over rice!

We also went to a Coffee & Chocolate Farm in Neipu 內舖, Pingtung 屏東. It's location is pretty remote, in the countryside near National Pingtung University of Science & Technology or 屏科 for short.

The seating area of the cafe is outdoors and you can see the large cocoa fruits that are being harvested. At first I thought that it was just for decoration because it's so colorful but it turned out to be real!

AMAZING, delicious semi-sweet dark chocolate truffles made in house!!

My cutie niece having a lot of fun rearranging the bears on the forks

My cutie nephew loves taking pictures on our phones!

Dried pineapple fruit plus super flavorful and aromatic cocoa tea, both also made in house!

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