Sunday, May 15, 2016

Roaming Around Pingtung Part 2

One of the recent new attractions in Pingtung is the Liu Li Diao Qiao 琉璃吊橋 loosely translated to the Glass Bridge. It opened in December 2015 in the Sandimen area of Pingtung and since its opening it has been met with an overload of people flooding the bridge on weekends. The bridge has a glass surface and is now Taiwan's longest suspension bridge! It's located 15 stories up from the ground and spans across the Ailiao River below. The bridge has a maximum capacity of holding 100 people at once and when it initially opened, visitors were allowed to go back and forth on the bridge. However, because there were so many visitors, now they only allow you to walk one way across the bridge and you have to take a bus that drives you back to the parking lot on the other side of the mountain where you started.

After making one trip up Sandimen mountain on a weekend and seeing the LONG line of people waiting for the bus, we knew that there must still be a ton of people waiting to get on the bridge on the other side of the mountain. It was incredibly hot that day so even though I really wanted to go on the bridge, I knew I would melt waiting under the sun. But of course I still wanted to go so my cousin was nice enough to take a day off work and drive us up the mountain so that we could walk across the bridge! It was the best decision ever to go on a weekday because even though there were still a number of people trickling across the bridge, it was nothing like the crowds on the weekends. We parked and got our tickets in less than 5 minutes and were on the bridge quickly! Despite the sun, heat, and sweat, I had a ton of fun on the bridge!

The beginning of the bridge walk

Family pic. Photo cred to my cousin! You can see him right behind me in the picture above!

There's not that much underneath the bridge, mostly a small stream with mud and cement surrounding it

Hats off to making it to the other side of the bridge under the HOT sun. I rewarded myself with a cold watermelon juice once I made it across!

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