Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Boston: Day 3

Day 3 kicked off with brunch/lunch at a fairly new Chinese restaurant in Cambridge. None of us had tried it before so it was nice to eat at a new place all together! They also served some Taiwanese breakfast items too so that was a nice touch.

甜豆漿 Sweet soybean milk 

小籠包 Soup dumplings!

Shanghai soup with marinated pork, tofu, and bamboo shoots

Shanghai fried rice with pork and veggies in a clay pot

This was my favorite! Pork and chicken with black beans and pine nuts wrapped in lettuce!

Afterwards, we stopped by Annie's apartment, then headed out to the Museum of Science! The Museum was pretty large but we were able to see a lot of the exhibits. My favorite was the Hall of Human Life exhibit because hey, that's my life! We got to do some pretty cool activities and I learned that apparently I burn the amount of 6 or 7 grapes when I walk a little! I don't get it. They also had a really cool mini 3D theatre where we watched a short film on our immune systems. Another cool exhibit was the the Light House one where it was all about mirrors and light reflection and refraction. Annie and I stared at each other through mirrors until I saw her face sitting on my body.

The Museum of Science sits right along the Charles River

Body heat!


Being a kid

Lying on a bed of nails!

My jump
My frozen shadow!
After almost 3 hours at the museum, we headed back to the Boston Public Market where I finally bought a couple of items to bring back home for my family. I also tried these delicious mini cider donuts that were freshly made and SUPER hot!! So yummy. After a cup of kale juice from Mother Juicery in the market, I was just too full to eat dinner that night. Instead, we headed back to North End where I finally bought some authentic Italian cannolis from Maria's!

With the sun going down and the rain clouds rolling in at this point, Annie, Penn, and I made a final stop at Piers Park in Charlestown. It was super windy but the view of Boston from the park was amazing! We caught it at the perfect time, just as the sun was setting and the lights of the city were turning on. So worth the trip there! Thank you for taking me around today Annie & Penn!

Panoramic view of Boston across the Charles River

Chocolate cannoli
Vanilla cannoli with pistachio topping on the sides

The night ended with me bumming around in George's house, making him stream the ladies free skate event with me online and eating the still super fresh and crisp cannolis I had bought earlier that day. Saturday logged in 12,000 steps!

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