Friday, April 8, 2016

Boston: Day 5

Oh Boston, bringing in the snow on my last full day here! Day 5 started out with brunch at Cafe Luna in Central Square. Since George and I went on a Monday morning, we avoided all the weekend lines and reservations and were seated right on arrival. Their weekday brunch menu was pretty eclectic so it was hard trying to decide what to get.

My grilled pear, bacon, and gorgonzola omelet. SO delish!

George got the Jalepeno mac n' cheese with bacon and eggs!

After brunch, we went next door to get Toscanini's which apparently the New York Times called "The World's Best Ice-Cream." I will say that it was pretty darn good and left me way too full.

Then came the pretty sad part. I dragged George all the way to Belmont (suburbia land) to try this supposedly really good macaron shop (according to Annie), called Praline. It was snowing like crazy and also really cold but we managed to get there only to find out that it was CLOSED on Mondays!!! Anyway, I was dying because I never got the best macarons and then we were stranded in the middle of nowhere in the cold and waiting for the bus. Well, I guess it was only a 6 minute wait or so (got lucky) but it was still so very sad.

Instead of macaron pictures, this is us freezing, but still with smiles :) !

So instead of hibernating inside like what normal human beings would do, George was kind enough to take me to Fenway Park and give me a quick tour of the surrounding areas. He also took a bajillion more pictures for me accompanied by the snow and tormenting wind. He's such a good friend!! Bff, seriously, really.

By this time, he was probably sick of trekking around the snow with me (just kidding, kind of), so I made my way over to Boston Children's Hospital, the #1 Children's Hospital in the United States, just to see what it was all about. It was hard to adequately judge how pretty the hospital was because it was just an overall gross day and the hospital was also doing some serious construction at the front to make it look prettier. Nonetheless, I got to roam around the inside of hospital and with the exception of some bright lights, I can't say it was very pretty. It definitely did not match up to the kingdom that is Children's Hospital Colorado or Seattle Children's which are 2 of the best children's hospitals in the west coast. I really liked Boston Children's logo though - Until every child is well, but Children's Hospital Los Angeles' logo is pretty darn good too - We treat kids better!

After realizing that it was somewhat strange to be roaming inside a children's hospital with no obvious purpose, I decided that it was about time for me to retreat indoors and catch up on my internet life. So I did just that for a few hours before meeting up with Annie one last time before I left the city. Annie and I went to a Thai restaurant in Brookline called Brown Sugar Cafe which had a really cute interior that was perfect for eating out and hiding from the snow.

Brown sugar mango fried rice

Mango with sticky rice (and a raspberry smiley face)

I headed back to Boston Logan Airport early the next morning and flew back to Chicago. Thank you Annie for coming to Brookline to eat dinner with me, for taking me to so many places, and for recommending so many delicious places to eat! I will definitely have to make it to Praline in the future (perhaps very far in the future though). Also, I'm so happy I got to see you this year because honestly, who knows when I'll see you next! Finally, thank you George for being a wonderful tour guide and photographer and for never complaining even when we were stranded in suburbia with no macarons. I hope you weren't sick of me after 5 days, especially after I forced you into watching so much ice skating!! :) :) :) You are seriously, seriously the best.

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