Thursday, April 7, 2016

Boston: Day 4

Day 4 was really the beginning of the cold, cold weather hitting the East again (in April, ugh). George and I headed out to Beacon Hill in the morning for brunch at the Tip-Tap Room. I got the Chorizo, brussels, and corned beef hash which had a nice spicy kick to it to start off the day. Then we walked around Beacon Hill for a bit and I was on a mission to find the signs to Massachusetts General Hospital (typical tourist) but it's currently ranked as the best hospital in the world (not in Pediatrics though!) and is the 3rd oldest general hospital in the United States behind Pennsylvania Hospital and New York Presbyterian which I had visited last December on an interview!

Mission accomplished, found the sign!

Beacon Hill is a super quaint area in Boston with lots of brick houses, cobblestone roads, hills, and fancy restaurants. After walking through the area, we made our way to the Boston Public Garden which I loved! It's the perfect place to stroll through on a warm summer day. I kind of went crazy with the pictures in the gardens so I have to extend my many thanks to George for being the photographer!

Chasing squirrels :) :)

I got George to take a picture with a pretty tree!

After the gardens, we walked down Newbury Street in Back Bay Boston (which houses fancy upscale stores and boutique shops) where Annie and Penn found us. Annie recommended going into L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates and since I'm pretty much a chocolate obsessed person, I immediately said yes! Best decision because I'm an avid dark chocolate bar collector and found a Brazilian chocolate bar with hints of lychee and mint. I also got a dark chocolate mouse which the store is famous for handmaking!

We headed towards the Boston Public Library afterwards and made our way around and up the three floors where I found some cool collections of books, including a book on Taiwanese art with the name of an artist who happens to live right around my house in San Jose! (What a crazy coincidence).

Entrance to the Boston Public Library

It took a bit more walking and another detour through two other chocolate shops - Lindt and Godiva (yes, between Annie and I, we could probably go into every chocolate shop ever) but we made it to Cafe Madeleine, another Annie recommended cafe, where George and I had the pleasure to try a fantastic, beautifully made, strawberry macaron! Craving satisfied.

Mm mm yum! So pretty too

As if all those sweets weren't enough, my next stop was to walk to Blackbird Doughnuts followed by Flour Bakery & Cafe in Boston's South End. Practically freezing by this point, and still bundled in coat, gloves, and earmuffs, we hightailed it to George's lab at Boston University to feast on all the collected desserts in warmth. That was perhaps the best feeling of the day!

Salted caramel, strawberry basil, and chocolate!

The yummy Flour sticky bun! So good

I love this. Pretty much wanted to steal it and put it on my own wall!

Feeling adequately full and warm, I ventured back outside in the 35 degree weather to explore South End more and to catch the sunset from afar. I also decided on eating Otto's Pizza for dinner at 9pm because they had some pretty interesting flavors! We got the spicy pork and mango (omg, so good, I wish I ate more but was too full) and I also got an extra slice of the margherita. I'm not one to eat pizza often but Otto's was delicious! With all this roaming around on Sunday, Pacer logged in 22,200 steps!

I am so pro at finding the signs!!

Spicy pork and mango pizza. EXTRA YUMMY!

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